Loyalist College Collective Agreement

The conditions of this Directive shall be laid down in the constituent documents of the College, in the laws to which the College is subject, in the collective agreement for academic staff and in the approved operational directives and procedures of the College. The performance administrator at each higher education institution must meet with you when you are hired to verify your performance options. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Since there are important deadlines to meet, you may need to contact your benefit manager as soon as you are hired to ensure that you receive the corresponding forms and that you are enrolled in the benefits that are best for you and your loved ones. The council decided in favour of the union. It found that the test of examination to determine whether the employer`s offer infringes on the union`s rights of representation was whether the VSP constituted terms and conditions of employment that were those negotiated under the collective agreement. In this case, according to the board, the answer was yes: in aliant, the BRIC had held that the SRP could not be a condition of employment, since the union had not put the SRP on the negotiating table and, therefore, the SRP could not be offered directly to employees. In anatic, as the analysis was in fact influenced by the legal freeze, the Board of Directors refused to adopt a “subjective approach”, which constitutes a condition or condition of employment. The board explained that it based its decision on a broader view of the examination of working and employment conditions, which was based on the impact of the VSP offer on the legal framework of the relationship between workers and the employer. Optional life insurance, medical, dental and paraprofessional services are part of a package of remuneration negotiated by OPSEU for all partial-load faculties and their relatives under the academic Pay Equity plan, and we strongly recommend that you benefit from these benefits, in particular extended health care, the premiums of which are fully paid by the college during periods of employment contract.

Benefit levels are the same as for full-time faculties for all insurance plans. If you have any questions about the collective agreement and are a faculty member at Fanshawe College, please contact us. Here you will find a list of higher education institutions and links to their academics: Here you will find a PDF version of your current collective agreement: Academic Collective Agreement 2017-2021. 3.5.1 Academic staff will respect the terms of other staff collective agreements and individual descriptions. This collection is a great resource for students, graduates or anyone who is currently looking for a job. For more information on the collection of collective agreements, see: The Council found that the employer did not have the right to deal directly with workers in this regard because the collective agreement did not contain provisions on VSPs. In the analysis of the VSP`s offer, it is necessary to “take the heart of the change that would occur in the light of the overall employment relationship contract”. In this case, Bell proposed to reduce its workforce from 100 to 120 employees by incentivizing employees to resign in exchange for extended separation packages.

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