International Agreement Dansk

All orders are sent electronically. If the customer wants a different format or form of delivery from that of an order, this must be agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, payment is made with the delivery of the order. In addition, Statistics Denmark has the right to demand payment in whole or in part (in instalments. B) at the time of conclusion of the contract (acceptance of the offer). If the client does not publish the results obtained on the basis of the executed order within a period corresponding to the use indicated at the time of conclusion of the contract, Statistics Denmark reserves the right to publish these results without financial compensation, taking into account its general obligation to provide social information. The same conditions apply where Statistics Denmark exists to publish the results related to the service after the client`s publication. Statistics Denmark also reserves the right to process, publish and comment on the material provided when the customer uses the material in a way that, according to Statistics Denmark, may give rise to misunderstandings, false conclusions, etc. Similarly, Statistics Denmark has the right to have partial tasks which are part of the contract in question performed by a third party. Statistics Denmark reserves the right to levy, in addition to what is stipulated in the agreement, a fee for consultancy services related to the performance of the contract. In the event of termination or termination of the contract, Statistics Denmark is entitled to full remuneration for partial tasks already performed under the contract. A contract comes into force with the acceptance of the offer by the customer.

If the agreement is established in a formal contract, it will enter into force if it has been signed by both parties. Unless otherwise agreed, the effective date is the date of the last signature (usually the date of signature of the customer). If no date of signature is indicated, the date of entry into force is 5 working days from the date indicated on the first page of the contract. International agreements relating to the Brussels I Regulation Concerning the publication of unprocessed data, for example. B on the Internet or by other means of reproduction, are subject only to prior agreement with Statistics Denmark. The use of the Statistics Denmark logo requires only prior consent. (6) A Danish notification that the content of the amendments has been transposed in Denmark in accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5 creates reciprocal international obligations between Denmark and the Community. . .


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