Ibm Websphere Mq License Agreement

You can find the license file(s) after downloading and extracting IBM MQ in the files/archives directory. The license can also be displayed by running the following command after extracting IBM MQ to the files/archives directory: ./ -text_only accept-ibm-mq-license Before using ibm MQ or installing it, you must accept the terms of the International License Agreement for unsecured programs and additional license information. Please read the license agreement carefully. Download your IBM MQ software licensed under (see below) and copy it to the MQ charm files/archives directory. You can find a development version for x86_64 here. After clicking on the link above and if you accept the license, click on the “I agree” link to download the IBM MQ package. The purchase of renewal licences is limited only for current licensees. For all renewal license orders, we need proof of authorization. To install the downloaded binaries, you must accept the IBM license. The license file(s) is available in the files/archives/licenses directory when extracting ibm MQ software with the following command: I am in the process of converting a manual server delivery process into an ansible playbook. Part of the process includes installing the WebSphere MQ client. One step is to manually run a script,, and accept a license agreement in response to an input request.

How can I do this at Ansible? License information for IBM MQ is available as part of the downloaded product package. The license can be displayed by running the following command after extracting IBM MQ: The solution you are playing on in this Thread was to install the korn shell (ksh) and use it to accept the license. The following tasks were included in my Playbook: If you want to accept the license without it being displayed, you can run the script with the -accept option. It turns out that the problem with the script Apparently, it uses syntax that is not compatible with bash. So when I exported it to my Debian server, the script complained: the programs listed in the LI are licensed under these LI terms, in addition to the program`s license terms previously agreed by the client and IBM. If the customer has not given prior consent to the license terms applicable to the program, either the international license agreement or the international license agreement applies to the unsecured programs, as set forth in the LOI. .

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