Innosuisse Ip Agreement

The amount that the implementation partners contribute to the project must be at least equal to the project contribution calculated by Innosuisse, in accordance with the funding budget set out in the funding agreement. What matters here is the contribution of the project to the exclusion of the “overhead” part (i.e. without the contribution to the overload). Currently, interim financial reports are only subject to Innosuisse`s express request. This regulation also applies to projects for which the funding agreement requires an interim financial report. Innosuisse has sent all research partners who have already participated in projects an Excel model for calculating fictitious hourly rates as well as a guide and a test certificate. If your institution has not received these documents, you can request them by email to The contract is usually concluded between you and a coach without the participation of Innosuisse. Innosuisse may, however, require proof that an appropriate contract has been entered into. Innosuisse should also be informed by email ( if you or the coach would like to change the content of the contract model. This is necessary for Innosuisse to verify whether the amended agreement is still compatible with the legal basis.

Staff costs can be increased to the cost ceiling, without the funding agreement having to be changed in certain circumstances (for possible reasons, see in the “Research Partner`s Budget and Costs” section the answer to the question “How big is the project budget (target cost), cost cap and actual costs?). Eligibility to apply is reviewed on the basis of a specific application for funding for an innovation project. Since this facility cannot yet be selected on the online application portal for applications with new research partners and these applications have not yet recorded hourly rates for staff, the search partner must first come to and inform us of their request. The institution is then integrated into the Innosuisse Analytics application platform. In addition to the funding agreement between the project partners for Innosuisse, an IPR agreement must be reached between the university and the company. This agreement must be signed by the university and defines various aspects such as confidentiality, publications and intellectual property. Unitectra assists them in negotiating this contract. Your partnership with a coach is subject to a standardized contract model from Innosuisse. Any other partnership with another coach or a special bus requires a separate contract. You must indicate a portion of your budget that will be allocated to each coach for his services. The amount of the budget must be agreed directly between you and the coach concerned. If necessary, the budget of the Innosuisse Analytics it tool can be changed at any time by mutual agreement.

The funding agreement or the financial letter of receipt will indicate the surplus per research centre for projects involving several research centres. Yes, a one-time extension of six months can be requested by email to indicating why an extension is necessary. The contribution of the implementation partners is based on the project budget set out in the funding agreement and therefore remains unchanged. Yes, the contribution to overhead is separate from the direct costs of the project in the funding agreement. Project partners must regulate intellectual property and the rights to use the innovation project no later than three months after the project begins. The Federal Research and Innovation Promotion Act (Article 41) sets out the legal conditions for this regulation. If necessary, the agreement or a signed copy of the IPR declaration must be submitted no later than three months after the start of the project.

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