Apscuf Collective Bargaining Agreement

APSCUF / PASSHE Collective Agreement Article 41.B Tuition waiver at the fourteen state universities is available to eligible workers and their relatives. Promotion guidelines differ depending on the collective agreement or the non-representation status of the worker. Please read the Study Waiver Directive to obtain full eligibility rules. Fill out the corresponding registration form for the registration of national spouses/partners: In order to update/change the beneficiaries of the DEIP and/or AD-D address, complete the recipient designation form and refer it to your human resources partner. These employees hold full-time and part-time teaching faculty positions, department heads, librarians, athletic coaches and teachers whose core duties are outside the classroom. Below is a list of State System employee groups. Although this page contains information about the staff of the national system, each university also has its own website, which provides specific information about the university and campus. The mission of the Healthy Campus 2020 program is to help campuses improve and collaborate on teacher, staff and student health initiatives. The program`s criteria focus on the following categories of well-being: emotional, physical, mental, social, professional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual. When an employee suffers a work-related injury, the work allowance provides the worker with lost wages and medical benefits. Distance learning is an educational process in which teaching with the teacher and student takes place in different places. Distance learning uses one or more technologies to transmit 80 per cent (80 per cent) or more of teaching instructions to students separated from the course director and to support the interaction between students and the course director in a synchronous and/or asynchronous manner.

Retiring employees should make an appointment with their personal business partner to discuss all retirement options. . . . . These employees work as police or security guards. The Healthy Campus Committee 2020 helps offices, departments and organizations get involved in the program, participate in their own health and give your well-being the attention it deserves throughout the year. Take the promise of “Healthy Campus 2020” and commit to your health! . Voluntary insurance programs are covered by CIGNA.

These benefits help families in the event of an employee`s death or when a worker is seriously injured by a covered accident. The following voluntary insurance is offered: The SEAP program is free and confidential and provides personalized support and advice on a wide range of topics, issues and concerns that are addressed on a daily basis. The program can benefit employees or their immediate families and provide services such as legal advice, drug and alcohol counselling, financial planning assistance, stress management, depression and more. If a permanent employee has to take a break due to a qualified medical need, but has exhausted all accumulated leave and leave for the calendar year, the employee may request leave donations. APSCUF faculty staff are entitled to the following leave: . . To retire, the worker must be eligible according to one of the following criteria: For an injury or illness requiring immediate treatment, you will go directly to the hospital emergency room. After the treatment, complete the required steps below.

These employees occupy professional and management positions such as accountants, bursars, registrars, general staff, maintenance managers, IT specialists and academic deans. Under section 42 of the faculty collective agreement, the following procedures apply to teaching on Clarion Online.

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