Viasat Contract Agreement

An absolutely awful service. For nearly 3 weeks without the Internet, and the service technology entrusted to them did not appear for three service calls. There is no supervisor to talk to, I have filed complaints that must be answered in 24 hours without success. I have three companies that need the Internet to operate, and without revenue, it doesn`t look good. They don`t even seem to care. The criminals they take money, but not the service that people pay. If you have an option, you don`t waste time with these people. Make sure you want the service and there is nothing else. I had the service for two months and it would give me .5megs for download when you expired. I gott on my cell and went with sprint for a WiFi laptop and went up to 4megs ave. I spent $320 to buy my two-year contract. Service also went a lot and for service in the area.

Fortunately, this year there was an alternative. We went through the process of separating our Exede service, and then our monthly fee was charged a few days later. When we called back, the customer service staff said our previous request had “failed.” We went through the entire separation process and went through another process to get our monthly fees reimbursed. Our service is now separate, but our refund request, although accepted by customer service, has been refused by the companies because our customer agreement states that there is no refund for unused data. It is not important that our first application was received prior to our extension date and that Exede`s fault was the fault of the failure of the application. We became customers just a week ago, and this is the worst internet service ever. We are stuck in a two-year contract and we did not even say there would be a single contract. viasat/exede came up with our direct TV and they never told us about a contract or that it was separate from our direct tv service. We passed the sad 12.5 Mbps to 25 Mbps, which allowed us to look if necessary and do other functions that came with our tv service and it still doesn`t work after they told us it would. We are disappointed every day and we will make sure to talk about this outrageous internet service.

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