State Of Florida Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital Home or other property: The parties have a house in 1234 Ideclarethumbwar Lane (`Marital Residence`). This property is subject to a mortgage (hereafter referred to as “Marital Residence Mortgage”). After the full implementation of this agreement, the contracting parties highlight the residence for sale with a licensed broker. At the time of the sale, the parties distribute the proceeds of the sale of the residence in equal parts. (d) the financial resources of each party, including non-marital assets and liabilities, which are distributed among each of the parties. This agreement is concluded on this day in September 2016 by and between JOHN DOE (“Husband”) and JANE DOE (“Woman”), the following referred to as “the parties” who declare that each party understands and accepts that this agreement constitutes the entirety of the parties` contract. It replaces all previous agreements or agreements between them. There is no other to represent than those expressly indicated. One of the first questions I like to ask when I talk to a caller about filing a divorce in Florida is whether or not they discussed a marriage contract with their spouse. Marital agreements are in fact only written contracts between a couple considering divorce, in which both parties enter into a carefully drafted and legally binding written agreement that defines their rights of marriage, property rights and support, and, where the parties have minor children, they also deal with custody issues. , their visit and support.

These agreements are very important documents which, if poorly executed, can have terrible consequences and, if properly implemented, can save the outgoing couple time and money. Even if the divorce is consensual, it is recommended that both parties involved have their lawyer review the marital transaction agreement. If one lawyer writes the agreement, the other should verify it. Legal language is not easy for the general public to understand. To protect your rights, it is in your best interest to check your own lawyer and explain the agreement. If you do not let your lawyer check the document, you may miss an important sentence that could waive your rights in some way. A lot of people don`t care about paying someone to check the document. However, you are much better at paying someone to check the document first, instead of paying for costly litigation later, after realizing that you have been scammed into the agreement. When a divorce occurs, the question often arises as to how property is distributed, how custody is managed, and how other marriage-related issues are addressed. A marital comparison contract is often used to indicate how these types of problems are treated.

CONSIDERING that together we want to resolve all matters relating to our marital affairs, child custody and visitation, personal property and real estate and our finances; If the two spouses decide together to change the terms of the agreement, the world will not stop and there will be no arrest warrant for their arrest.

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