Pcs Site Agreement

31) This agreement is governed by English law. 25) The Customer agrees that the support may be suspended or removed in the event of changes, adaptations, interference, repairs or modifications of devices or systems listed in this contract/contract by someone other than a qualified representative of PCS Business Systems. 7) PCS Business Systems reserves the right to charge additional fees or fees for work performed outside the standard contract/service contract. 3) First, all requests for assistance are submitted to the troubleshooting of our Service Desk analysts. It is only after this phase that an application to participate in an engineer can be submitted on site. 24) PCS Business Systems reserves the right to suspend the support/services listed in this Agreement as long as the Customer is in late payment or any other obligation that is part of this Agreement. Notwithstanding a shareholder`s agreement or waiver from the acceptance of one of the previous acts, such consent or waiver does not constitute consent or waiver of another shareholder`s right under other agreements, including, but not exclusively, the revised and revised PCS service agreement and the Virgin Trademark License Agreement. 29) This agreement replaces all previous debates, presentations, promises, proposals, agreements or agreements. 30) PCS Business Systems is in no way liable to the customer for losses, damages or damages or losses resulting from the performance or non-compliance of an obligation considered to be complementary to the devices or systems covered in this contract/contract. 6) Payment of contracts/service contracts is made in accordance with the terms agreed with the PCS Business Systems Finance team. 19) Any change of location for supported devices in this service/contract contract is notified in writing to PCS Business Systems at least 24 hours before waiting. The customer accepts that any change of location for all detail devices may lead to PCS Business Systems not being able to support the device.

26) The customer agrees that the devices or systems not included in this contract are not supported. All devices or systems that are not included in this contract/contract with which it is assisted are immediately charged with an initial price of $150.00 and an additional price of $150.00 per hour per hour. 1) The signing of these Terms of Use represents the acceptance of the contract and the start and end date of service covered by the service contract managed, this site is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use apply. 18) The customer ensures that the environmental and electricity supply conditions, as well as the operation and maintenance of all products listed in this service/contract contract, are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer`s recommendations. JX 12 (Sprint PCS Services Agreement between Sprint Spectrum L.P. and Horizon); JX 18 (Sprint PCS Services Agreement between Sprint Spectrum L.P. and Bright). 10) The customer will make every reasonable effort to draw PCS Business Systems` attention to error/computer support issues within a reasonable time. This section 2.7 applies to the termination of this agreement or the sale of interests by Sprint (as long as the amended and amended PCS service agreement has not been terminated, in which case Section 2.7 no longer applies). Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletter, including our terms of use and privacy policies.

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