Kosovo Serbia Us Agreement

Former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, whose party is part of Kosovo`s ruling coalition, said on Friday that his party would not support the deal if it contained an agreement on the use of Lake Gazivode/Ujman. The two sides agreed to continue work on previous agreements to restore air and rail links signed earlier this year and to begin construction of new communication routes and highways. “We are firmly committed to making a big job and creating new jobs in the region. And we fully believe in your government. We share the same values as freedom, democracy and the open market economy. We are therefore looking forward to starting to implement this agreement as soon as possible,” hoti said. Trump`s national security adviser, Robert O`Brien, who along with Richard Grenell, Trump`s special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia peace talks, moderated the talks at the White House, gave an optimistic tone on the way to countries. “I think today it`s about normalizing economic ties. And it`s really a fantastic step for both peoples, both Kosovo and Serbia.

It cost a lot of effort. I think it`s a first step,” O`Brien said. Grenell said it remained to be seen “whether the focus on the economy and job creation can” resign itself “to the political demands of both sides.” I think one of the big parts of this agreement is next year, we have a freeze on recognition and de-accounting campaigns. In other words, next year we will see that employment growth and job creation are really needed in the region. And in a year`s time, you`ll judge where the political process is going,” Grenell said. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump`s rival in the U.S. presidential election, responded to an LAA question about the deal by saying that “the normalization of relations between countries… Overall, and almost all cases are a good thing,” and stressed that “Kosovo should be an independent country. Not part of Serbia. “A new approach?” The U.S.

efforts to persuade Kosovo and Serbia to cooperate on a number of economic fronts to attract investment and create jobs were led by Grenell, who called the economic approach “flipping the script” and focused on providing incentives for citizens of both countries, especially young people. Grenell acknowledged Trump`s “creative” approach on Friday and stressed that the deal could not have been reached by Washington insiders who had been stuck for years. “I`m telling you, the only possibility that this deal could have been reached was from a foreigner,” Grenell said at a briefing with O`Brien and Trump`s top adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The agreement includes rail and transit agreements, including one that would pave the way for the first flight between Pristina and Belgrade, the capitals of both countries, in 21 years. On Monday, Hoti and Vucic are due to travel to Brussels, where the European Union has been mediating talks between Kosovo and Serbia for more than a decade. U.S. officials have been in close contact with European officials on the issue of normalizing economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo, Grenell said on Friday. The main challenge of standardization remains The discussions at the White House were not without surprises.

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