Free Living Together Agreement

We do not recommend that you enter into your own agreement without using our model. Cohabitation does not create a contractual relationship on its own, nor does it grant you a real estate bill (or estate) if you resolve yourself or if one of you dies unexpectedly. If you are planning to make a home together for the first time, one of the difficult things is the cost of everything. That is why we have hired a budget officer so that you can assess the common budget cost. If one of us wants to buy the other`s share instead of a land sale, we will have the house estimated by a local expert. We jointly select the evaluator and give common instructions and allocate all the costs of the evaluation equally. We will use this assessment to determine the value of the stock. This condition will be added very often these days in a cohabitation agreement. It is important to understand that in the absence of a signed cohabitation agreement, they cannot seek government assistance or assistance in the event of separation.

If this clause is added to the agreement, you may benefit from assistance or disability after separation. This agreement may also provide some security in the event of the death of a significant other with a clause allowing partners to add or restrict what the other partner inherits, in combination with the will and will of the deceased partner. If the two people who live together are in a relationship and intend to marry or establish a life partnership, they should also consider a pre-marriage agreement. A cohabitation contract applies to unmarried persons as long as they live together, but only a marriage contract can affect the situation between two persons who have entered into a registered marriage or partnership. We advise you to use this checklist with our Extended Guide or discuss any issues with your partner, write down your agreements and bring them to a lawyer who has merged for a Living Together Contract or agreement. We do not recommend that you enter into your own agreement without using our model. This checklist (and the model agreement available in the advanced manual) can only be used in the manner described. The law is detailed and complicated. If in doubt, seek advice from experts. However, if you live together and you are the distribution company (gas, water, etc.) and the Commission tax on behalf of a person, the company can sue anyone who resides at the address and uses the service, even if they are not mentioned on the invoice. If you rent your home, you don`t need to say much in the agreement. Couples in long-term relationships can use a cohabitation agreement to live together on an experimental basis before committing to the legal union of marriage.

If you don`t have an account together and you pay for separate things, list them here with the estimated amounts.

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