Agreement Ozdic

VERB – CONTRACT have many workers do not have written contracts. | Tender for eighteen companies are present around the market. | (sb), give sb get, win The company lost the contract of a large London company. | Negotiate You have managed to negotiate an indeterminate contract with the company. | establish, write He entered into a contract with his former employer. | execute, execute, execute the company that executes the construction contract. cancel, terminate, refuse (law), resign (law), cancel any party can terminate the contract at any time. | was accepted subject to the offer, subject to the contract (the contract is not legally binding before the contract is concluded). | Violation, violation, strike if you are on strike, you will violate the contract. | Application (law) Exchange (law) When a house is auctioned, the winning bidder must immediately exchange contracts and pay a down payment. PHRASES Contract break He sued the company for breach of contract. | terms of the agreement The terms of the agreement do not allow for such exports. Prep.

separation is done by mutual agreement. I think we all agree that prices should be kept low. I agree with you that we need to give it more responsibility. | with the agreement of all club members, we decided to arrange a trip. | Teachers agree that changes need to be made. | There is no agreement yet between the two parties. | There is no agreement on the policy yet. > Special Page at MEETING PREP. they agreed to lend us the car on the condition that (only if) we return it before the weekend.

| on … – I will approve the scheme on one condition: my name is not mentioned to the press. | Under the terms of the agreement, all foreign troops will leave by May. ADJ. Project The draft agreement will be available two weeks before the meeting. | formal, written The agreement is legally binding. | informal, unspoken, verbal voluntary Final bilateral, international, multilateral, national Ceasefire, credit, leasing, peace, trade PREP. in one/the clause of the agreement Under the agreement, the farmer is not allowed to use this field.

| Between an agreement between the company and the trade unions They signed two agreements to improve economic cooperation. | Negotiating with a trade agreement with China VERB- AGREEMENT, working on we are working on a formal ceasefire agreement. | Conclusion, entry, signature, signature After hours of discussion, the government and the union agreed. | we have an agreement to always tell the truth about everything. | we signed the agreement, so we are now tied to it. | Stop, honor, respect you have not complied with our agreement. | break, come back, break, break, break Some employers refused agreements as soon as the recession began. VERB – AGREEMENT arrive, arrive, arrive I am convinced that we can reach an agreement. The two sides have not reached an agreement. | Nods He nodded to his approval.

| we have to get the approval of the city council. THE PHRASES agree, on another/ a disagreement We only have to agree to contradict this point. | Consensus cooperation on mutually agreed goals Internationally accepted guidelines sentences a violation of a condition, conditions of employment / sale, the terms of the contract VERB – TERM dictate, negotiate, put our opponents in place the terms of the debate. | Please please please contact me if you have any questions. Prep. in a/the – you took the company into a $750,000 deal. | Under a/the, you save under a/the if you rem prepay the loan. | – between an agreement between France and Spain From you can get a better offer from another bank.

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